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We do bulk wrapped sandwich orders or platters!
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Thanks for thinking of us for catering!  All catering orders need 48 advance notice.  If you are looking for large day of orders, please visit our online ordering page where you can choose our "Bulk Lunch Order" option.

For catering orders, please send us a message below, with the date, time and what you’re looking for.  Our earliest pickup time is 11 and the latest is 5 pm.  For platters, we recommend 2-2.5 pieces per person.  Orders of 10+ sandwiches qualify as catering.  For anything less than that please order online or walk in!  All custom catering orders are priced per sandwich.  We also have our simple packages listed below, with all Italians or Dealer's Choice.  

Please note that there is a 10% gratuity on all catering orders.

We can do catering 7 days a week, however all orders for Wednesdays must be placed 3 days in advance, with a minimum of 15 sandwiches.  Our Wednesday only menu will also apply, which can be found on our "menu" page.

If you don't want to think too much, choose an easy package below!

Catering Request
How Do You Want Them?
Choose a time
Which type of sub rolls?
Pickup or Delivery?

Thanks for your request! We'll get back to you soon!

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