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  • Please alert staff about ANY allergies.  If we do not know about them, we cannot protect you

  • We know that some of these meats are new to y'all.  We are happy to let you try slices.  If you order a sandwich and we mess it up, we will of course remake it or provide a refund.  If you order something that we make correctly, but it is simply not to your liking, you will not receive a refund.

  • Please be aware that these sandwiches take time to make.  We'd like to be as fast as subway, but there is a ton of care put into each of these by the team.  They may take longer to make than your average chain, but we promise (hopefully), that they will be worth the wait!

  • We accept both cash and card, although card is preferred.  We cannot accept any bills over $20, as we keep a very small till.  

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