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Welcome to Our Space

We have a small inside dining area with 3 high tops and three counter seats.  We also have three outside, covered bistro tables and an uncovered patio with 5 high tops.

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How to order in the shop

  • We utilize a deli-ticket style when ordering at the shop.  Please note that a ticket will be needed if you are looking to order any item from behind the line.  This means sandwiches, meat by the pound, and items from the deli case.  If you’re just coming in to grab a drink or retail items, feel free to grab what you want and head to the register!

  • Treat your visit like the deli line at the grocery.  When you walk in, take a ticket.  Once your number is called, you will order with one of our lovely sandwich makers.  Once its ready they will hand you the sandwiches and a ticket.  If you are paying by card and don’t want anything else, they will ring you up right there.  If you are paying with cash or want to grab some other items, you will take this ticket and any other items to the register.

  • Why do we do this?  First of all - it allows you to actually talk to the person making your sandwich.  Ask questions, get recommendations - it allows us to get a lil personal with you.  Secondly, you KNOW that your order didn’t get forgotten.  You’re actually watching the person make it.  This way you know that your solo order didn’t get lost in the middle of a busy lunch shift.  And third! This allows people who are coming in to get retail items to go straight to the register to pay.  We will have a grab n go section, so you can feel free to bypass the ticket and go straight to the register if you are only getting items that do not involve our deli staff members.

We know there may be a learning curve to this system, but we have faith in it!

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